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Hello. I’m Dan Bullock, founder of DB Accounting

I’m Kings Lynn born and bred and that’s where I’ve set up my office, too – at the heart of the community I know and love. I’ve always been a numbers guy and I love solving problems so it was probably inevitable I’d end up as an accountant. From working with cloud accounting software to helping my clients find ways to run more efficient, more profitable businesses, there’s something that gives me chance to do my thing every single day. I also really enjoy making sense of tax and HMRC’s rules so that people can feel calmer and more in control. A lot of the people I work with are local – I even went to school with some of them! – and that connection to the area gives me a real understanding of what they need and the challenges they face.

So, if you want a business adviser you can really talk to, person to person, and who know from firsthand experience what it’s like to start and run a small business in Norfolk, give me a call. I’m especially keen to hear from people operating startups or businesses in construction, I.T. and technology – or anyone doing anything interesting or a bit different. I’ll find out what you’re about, you can get a handle on me, and we can think about whether we might want to work together. If your business would benefit from some analytical thinking, plain English advice and the input of someone who knows software, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship, as the saying goes.

Our values

Without getting pretentious about it, there are certain principles that guide everything DB Accounting does and ensure clients always get the quality of service they need.


Customer feedback

People enjoy working with DB Accounting and many have been kind enough to give us their endorsement. Find out what they have to say about the experience.


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Daniel Bullock is licensed and regulated by AAT under licence number 1002705