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The principles behind the way we work

Hello. Dan here. Without getting too pretentious about it, when I set up DB Accounting from scratch, I had a chance to think hard about how I wanted the firm to operate and what I wanted it to stand for. Over the years, that’s firmed up into a set of values or principles that I come back to time and again to make sure I’m doing right by my clients and contributing to the community in the right ways. By putting these in writing, and sharing them, I hope you’ll get a true sense of what we’re about which will help you decide if we’re the right accounting firm for you.

Technology first

We always use the latest technology, even if it requires us having to learn a new skill. Tech brings us together and streamlines the processes we have been practicing for many years. If it’s a new bookkeeping system, a quicker payment method, or even just an app, we get excited when we’re getting stuck into something new.

Local matters

If you’re local then we like you. Norfolk and proud. There are so many great reasons to support your local community, so we love meeting new people in the area and finding out what we can do for them. If people knew they could get someone local who they related to, we’re sure they would always choose that option.

Save clients time

No one likes wasting time. Sometimes it’s hard to escape. But, we’re so focused on making everything less time-consuming, that any conversation you have with us will be a breeze. Trust us when we say, we love keeping things concise, to the point, and always correct. Then you’ve got more time to smash your business goals.

Efficiency is cool

Keeping things running like a well-oiled machine is great fun. Honestly, there is nothing better than taking all the shopping in from the car in one trip. We channel that energy into our accounting and make every step of the way fast, fun, and fat-free. It’s no surprise that our clients are shocked by just how efficient we really are.

Clear, direct advice

Keeping things to the point is no problem for us. We want to give you as much as possible, in as few words as we can. Our advice is always honest, and always easy to understand. If you don’t understand your accountant, how can you trust them? We will always level with you and let you know what is going on. No surprises here.

We’re all human

You’re not just a client or a ‘cost centre’ –you’re a person. You have bad days and good ones. Sometimes you’re under pressure, or worried. Your business is important but it isn’t everything. Guess what? Same here. Understanding, listening and giving each other room to be real is important and makes a difference.

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