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Bookkeeping is one of those business basics that you need to get right and which requires an eye for detail. But for people running SMEs and startups, it can be a time-sapping frustration. So why not let DB help?

Depending on the size of your business, the complexity of your finances and your preferences, we’ve got a range of bookkeeping packages. 

Increasingly, it’s about getting people set up with cloud accounting software so they can manage their own books quickly and efficiently – no more scraps of paper or clunky spreadsheets. When you’ve had a go with QuickBooks, Xero or Sage, you’ll never look back.

Other clients with more complex requirements trust us to handle their bookkeeping as a manual process. We’ll take the raw material – receipts, invoices, bank balances – and make sure everything is in order, fully reconciled. You’ll always know what you’ve got, where it is, what you’re owed and what you owe other people.

When your bookkeeping is in order, the good news is, that makes your annual accounts and tax returns easier. Basically, we’ve done the work on the way so, at the end of the year, it’s just about pulling out that clean, accurate financial data.

  • Experienced, qualified bookkeeper.
  • Cloud setup, training and support.
  • Manual bookkeeping, as required.

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“Dan has been amazing he has gone out of his way to set up our new business website/ business account / tax returns. Thoroughly recommend, very friendly and easy to talk to and goes out of his way to help with everything. Thank you so much Dan - you’ve taken the stress out of everything”

Karen | Sparkle & Press

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