Corporation tax

Statutory company tax returns, done and dusted

We’ll look after your limited company tax return, saving you from a complex job – and from worrying about whether it’s correct and complete.

Submitting a corporation tax return is arguably the most important statutory obligation for limited companies. You’ve got to get it in on time and paid within nine months and a day after the end of your accounting period. And it has to be accurate, too, if you want to avoid having HMRC knock on the door.

On the upside, though, it’s not just an obligation – it’s also an opportunity to make sure your business is claiming tax reliefs that could reduce your overall liability. For I.T. businesses and startups in particular, that might mean putting in a claim for research and development (R&D) tax credits.

Your annual company tax return also helps focus on long-term tax planning. What steps can you take now to reduce your next tax bill, or the one after that?

If we’re also looking after your bookkeeping and accounts prep, which we do for most clients, then the corporation tax return flows out of that quite naturally. We’ll keep everything in order throughout the year and then use those records to pull together your final corporate return. We’ll then submit it to HMRC along with all the supporting notes and paperwork.

And if HMRC does come back with questions, we’ll be ready to provide the answers and back you up in those conversations.


  • Corporation tax returns completed.
  • Calculations aligned to annual accounts.
  • Tax reliefs and allowances identified and claimed.
  • Support in dealing with HMRC.

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